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Multi cable:

The multi cable connector can be used on to connect a Juice-Up products to a variety of mobile devices (iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung...) while steel promoting client’s promotions. It can be used to charge a Juice-Up power bank from a power source or it can be used to charge a mobile device from a Juice-Up power bank.

One of the most important advantages of Juice-up is that unlike most of the power banks on the market, it uses Lithium-Polymer batteries rather than Lithium-Ion which are far more safer. Lithium-Polymer is far more heat resistant than Lithium-Ion and not prone to expanding when in use, meaning when units get hot, you're far safer having a Lithium-Polymer Cell inside your product. Lithium-Polymer is also far more shock resistant and because it is a thick gel and not liquid, if damaged they are far less prone to leaking or setting on fire.